martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

Gorilla Encounter

Two gay homosexuals are walking through a zoo. They come across some gorillas and after a while they notice that one of the male gorilla has a massive erection. The gay men are fascinated by this.
One of the men just can't bear it any longer and he reaches into the cage to touch it. The gorilla grabs him, drags him into the cage and brutally rapes for six hours nonstop. When he's done, the gorilla throws the man back out of the cage. An ambulance is called and the man is taken rushed to the hospital.
Next day his friend visits him in the hospital and asks, "Are you hurt?" "AM I HURT?", he shouts, "Wouldn't you be? He hasn't called, he hasn't written ..."


1 comentario:

  1. Good outlines but too thick a brush that make
    the paintings beauty needs
    delicate art work unless Pegasi wants to hide the
    real identities. But skilled hand.