miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

My friends' blogs

The author of this website is Roger Poladopoulos.

Roger Poladopoulos has taught me so much of natural nudism, the most authentic, I do not know how to thank him.

Roger is really a good writer from head to toe 

 and a wonderful poet who lavishes little in the art of poetry.


Nude Solitude

There are times when I like to be alone,

in nude solitude.

Either inside my home or out in nature,

in nude solitude.

In the company of my thoughts or a pen and paper,

in nude solitude.

Or with my netbook or an ebook as my companion,

in nude solitude.

There's rejuvenation while being solo,

in nude solitude.

In the presence of my imagination and creativity,

in nude solitude.

Allowing my eyes to penetrate my soul,

in nude solitude.

Permitting my passion to ebb and flow,

in nude solitude.

Like a budding blossom in the middle of spring,

in nude solitude,

My mind starts to nurture life,

in nude solitude.

While by myself, I think within my heart,

in nude solitude.

My emotions like waves upon the ocean,

in nude solitude.

These thoughts are broken and remain unfinished,

in nude solitude.

Another man approached me and I'm unable to conclude,

in nude solitude.

~Roger Poladopoulos~

August 28, 2012

I think he should offer us more poems from his own collection.


The first thing I learned was that nudism has nothing to do with exhibitionism but a peculiar way of life, a philosophy whose aim is making sense of ourselves.

Nudism extols the natural appearance of the nude and claimed it everywhere.


Our body reacts satisfactorily when in contact with nature.  

A nude bathing in the sea at a lonely hour is an indescribable pleasure, right?

  And when we are with our boyfriend, as I said before, naked in front of nature, then everything tastes like pure love and complete happiness.

 The friends who practice nudism together, are much more than friends.

Nudists are always peaceful people.

Religion and nudity are not incompatible.

 Although nudism represents only a small percentage of the world population, every day is gaining more followers.

In many countries we can find nude beaches, campgrounds, hotels and residences where people can  do nudism without troubles.


  But much remains to be done in favor of nudism. Can you imagine that in the XXI century there are still people who believe that nudity and pornography are the same thing? This is absurd!!


 There are some important nudist organizations struggling on mute trying their rights be recognized.

So, I invite you to follow Roger's advice

And do it in full sun and not just in the shower.

Famous people do nudism too!!


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  1. I am so glad you did this post and gave Roger all the accolades he deserves. He has been a follower of my blog for years and there isn't a single day he doesn't grace the comment section.
    I thought so much of his blog I awarded it
    "blog of the month" a while back.
    Indeed it is a great blog to visit.

  2. My blogger brother and friend, thank you for this unique distinction! I am deeply honored and humbled. I am grateful for your friendship. The art is beautiful, as are all the wonders that you create. Much love to you. Peace! Get naked. Enjoy!

  3. Roger deserves this and SO much more :-)

  4. Did you saw her ?