miércoles, 23 de enero de 2013

My friends' blogs

                 I am a GAYTEKEEPER

Yes, dear Mark, I too have often wondered from where comes the need to create a blog, that intimate desire to be in contact with strangers via the web.

Do I have something truly original to offer or share with anyone? 

What does it lead me to be an outgoing person and publish full-pages containing experiences in  my real world?

Is it perhaps loneliness? 

But I'm not alone, I have a family, friends and work. It can't be.

Nor is it only the desire to record what I like or don't like about this world, nor the intention to find new friends because that there are other more appropriate platforms.

Rather, it is the generosity of being in communication with people to point out that we are here to please, share and report on anything that catches our attention.


 And that you are a number one, dear Mark.

  More than six years support your perseverance and dedication, thank you very much for being in daily contact with your followers.  
And among them I find myself as one of your most ardent admirers.

And it's true, you'll always get surprised by any of the posts that Mark writes daily on his blog Iamagaytekeeper.

News, art, movies, music, everything that is of interest to everyone is there waiting for you so take advantage.

With him you will learn to be yourself by stripping you of all stereotypes unfairly pigeonhole you.

 In the depths of your being there is a good angel who is crying to get out into the light and wants to get noticed.

 Let's learn to enjoy all the good things that life can present us.

Value yourself and you'll be valued.

Love yourself and you will be loved.

Don't you think that's the best advice?


4 comentarios:

  1. j'aime beaucoup cette presentation.

    J'aimerais avoir des nouverlles de toi par mail! nous ne travaillons plus ensemble ...
    Quel dommage, mais nous pourrions commencer à nouveau! Bientot je t'écrirai, peutetre dejà demain!

  2. Mon Maurice, je viens de te repondre à ton mail.

    J'éspère que tu apprecieras mon dernier post:


  3. WOW you totally blew me away with this entry, THANK YOU, WOW :-)

  4. An extraordinary artistic and creative tribute to one of my favorite bloggers! His is one of the first blogs that I began following! A superlative job! :)