viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

 Where has it gone, our love,
born of this prairie land
in the days of our youth
on this spot where I stand?

Wand'rin' over these hills,
where we two used to go,
I remember so well
that love of years ago.

Atop this hill we stood
to watch the sinkin' sun,
waitin' for the moonrise
with our lives scarce begun.

Barely out of childhood,
but wise beyond our years,
sittin' in the moonscape,
divorced from all life's fears.

But then you moved away,
so very long ago,
paths not to cross again,
my mood from joy to woe.

Sweet mem'ries linger still
on things that might have been,
hopin' as I stand here
that we might meet again.

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